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Zpdu: Paws for Hooves(Judy hopps to Boar tg mc)
     Judy entered the Zootopia Police Department building, heading past Clawhouser to her desk. It had been a couple of weeks since Nick had 'gone on vacation', as Chief Bogo had told people. Really, he had agreed to a form of deep undercover, where he was hypnotized and disguised as a ram to be used as an unknowing pawn against the city's criminal groups, relaying info to an regular undercover officer who used a few key phrases only Nick would know to have the brainwashing kick in. He would repeat everything he knew word for word, and would be told of an 'accident' that would make him unable to attend the next meeting of what ever group he joined, Coincidentally missing getting arrested like the other members of said group. Every now and then though, he would get arrested though, and Judy would hear him getting taken through the Zpd lobby shouting about rights and lack of evidence, even though he made no attempt to get away or even struggle. No one besides her would not
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Zpdu: From Fur to Wool (Nick Wilde to Ram mc wg)
    Nick entered the ZPD building, in a surprisingly decent mood. It had been almost a year since the Nighthowler incident, and he had since become one of the ZPD's most capable officers, along with his partner Judy Hopps. He walked through the lobby and up to the front desk, where Clawhouser was watching the latest Gazelle music video, and took off his sunglasses. "Morning Clawhouser," he said, "I'm guessing Judy and I are on patrol again?"
    Clawhouser paused the video. "Actually, Chief Bogo wanted to see you about a special solo assignment", Clawhouser said. "He's in his office."
    Surprised, Nick ascended the stairs to the offices, and slowly approached Bogo's door. He knocked, and heard a gruff, "come in."  Nick opened the door and saw Bogo at his desk, reading through his papers. But he wasn't the only person there. Sitting in one of the chairs facing his desk was a sheep with black wool, and a zpd uniform. "Ah, I'm glad you finally arr
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Return of the Murray (Murray the Hippo tftg mc)
    Emma had been at home, relaxing. She had been playing a couple of older console video games, and enjoyed them. She had recently received the sly Cooper games, and enjoyed them. She had  just finished a level when she heard a knock at the door. Pausing the game, Emma went to the door, only to find no one there. There was just a large box, which she promptly took inside, and opened. Inside was a mask of none other than Murray the hippo, the muscle of the Cooper Crew. It was made of what looked like rubber or latex, and would cover the whole head and neck of the wearer. The head of the mask was a mix of pink and purple, with two small nostrils and a tooth sticking out from the mouth. It had his wrestling mask and goggles, two small eyeholes in his brown orange eyes, and two small hippo ears poking out from the top of his head. Not seeing a return address or anything on the box, Emma examined the mask, trying to see if it had some sort of Maker's Mark or logo on it. Not
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Becoming Legendary (Arceus tf mc)
    Derek walked through the woods. He was on a hike, and it was his first time in these particular woods. It was said to have dozens of small treasures scattered and hidden throughout it, so with any luck, he would find something nice. After crossing a small bridge, Derek found a clearing, and sat down in the middle. After a quick lunch, he started to get up, only for his bag to snag on something. A blue stone object stuck out from the ground, and the strap of his backpack had gotten stuck on it. Derek dug it out a bit, and found that it some sort of flute made out of lapis lazuli, somehow fully intact. After getting the dirt out from inside, he decided to try and play it. It played beautifully, with the notes flowing out in a serene song. A faint blue smoke also came out, as if the inside had been coated in it. It surrounded Derek, and began to affect him, as he continued playing, oblivious to it.
    His body began to turn snow white, and become quadrupedal, as h
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Mind Games (Mewtwo tfmc)
    Nick entered the costume shop, curious about it, since about half the city had gotten costumes from here, and he wanted one for himself. He approached the mouse clown clerk, and asks where the pokemon  costumes were. After finding his way there, he saw all sorts of Pokemon costumes and masks. Scrafty, lycanroc, gengar...he soon found the legendary Pokemon segment, and found the one he was looking for: Mewtwo. The suit looked just like him, with grey skin, a large purple tail,  and the stern looking mask. It was perfectly proportioned, and even had his purple eyes. Nick was transfixed by the suit's piercing eyes, and purchased it. He went home, and immediately undressed down to his underwear to put it on. He unzipped the back, and started pulling himself into the suit. The insides were snug against his body, and he pulled the arms on, flexing his five fingers into the suit's three. He zipped the back of the suit up, and stretched his now thinner arms. All that wa
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Eating like a Hog (pig tf wg)
    Michael was on a bus, looking through messages on his phone. He had just finished going out with some friends, and was heading home. He could feel more than a few people looking at him weirdly, but he was find with that. He was a pig after all. 
    And he meant that literally.
    He was an anthro pig, and had been like that for a few months now. He got off the bus and went home, and relaxed. He still remembered the day it had happened.
    Michael had tried a new take out place, called Big Dean's Eats, and ordered a large meal. When it arrived, he examined his meal. A large burger with a lot of extra ingredients, a huge pile of fries, some chips, and a large strawberry milkshake. He soon started eating, finding the burger delicious. He didn't notice his skin turning pink as he ate, or the weight he had suddenly gained. Every bite seemed to be better than the last as he couldn't stop chowing down, drinking the milkshake between mouthful
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A lesson in Kung fu(Po the Panda tftg wg mc)
     Lily climbed the steps to the ancient temple, finally reaching the top, panting. She was on vacation in China, and was currently visiting a temple in a large valley. Apparently, the temple was a martial arts training ground in the past, and was now a museum of the various relics and training equipment housed there. She explored the galley, full of amazing looking items, including large weapons and armor, and a vase that looked like it had been dropped a few times. Soon though, she had gotten hungry. Lily looked around the temple, remembering there being a food cart somewhere. Soon she found it. It was small, and had an oriental design theme around it. There was no one tending it, but what really caught her attention were the two bowls of hit food just sitting on the cart. One was a piping hot bowl of noodles in a brownish red broth, that looked like it was shining a bit. The other was full of steaming dumplings of some kind, which also had a wet sheen. The two bowls
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Circus Recruitment (Tanuki clown tfmc)
    One day, Arthur was sitting at home watching tv, bored. As he flipped through the channels, he came across a commercial for a circus that had come to town, complete with haunted house, animal showcase, sideshow freakshow, and of course, clown town! Having nothing better to do, Arthur decided to go, since he always had a soft spot for clowns.
    Arthur soon arrived at the Circus, which was full of performers, from acrobats to clowns, to magicians to sideshow freaks. He explored all the circus had to offer, watching the performances, eating the foods, and playing the games. Soon, it was time for the main event, and Arthur went to his seat in the bleachers. The show started with animal performances, moved on to magicians, acrobats, performers, and sideshow exhibitions. And for the final act, the clowns arrived. Arthur was excited, as he had always loved clowns as a kid. As they came in in a clown car the size of a melon, dozens of anthro clowns popped out, and sta
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Festival of Masks (tanuki tf mc wg)
    Rodney simply could not believe his eyes as he entered the Festival of Masks. Masks and costumes were being sold, bought, worn, and displayed everywhere. The costumes ranged from shoddy and cheap to almost lifelike. Everywhere he looked, he could see fine craftsmanship. All he had to do now was wait for his friend Rachel, who was supposed to go with him...
    And wait...
    And wait...
    And wait.
    Three hours later, she hadn't shown. He'd tried to call her, but only reached her voice mail. After the billionth time, he finally gave up.
    'I'll just see the Festival without her.' He thought to himself, as he wandered the stalls and nearly bumped into a near lifelike Krystal cosplayer. He rounded one of the halls just in time to hear an announcement.
    "Attention, festival goers! The contest for the best cosplay session will begin after a brief three hour delay. As always, the reward is $3,000,000 dollar
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A few Loaves Short (zany toons tftg mc)
A Few Loaves Short
A Roaring Junction story 
     Lisa and Alex had just entered Roaring Junction on their honeymoon. They had just married a week earlier and wanted to see what the city of living cartoons was like. They checked into their hotel, and entered the honeymoon suite, a large one bedroom two bathroom hotel room that was extremely fancy. They would get settled in, and then explore the next town in the morning. When they did, they explored the entertainment district and the Tech district, before moving on to another prominent district of the town, The Zany district. It was named as such because most of the residents were zany toons. At first glance a zany toon can look similar to a pastel toon, but physically their color schemes are much more loud and clashing, such as having neon blue fur with bright orange shorts and a dark purple hat. But the main reason zany toons have their name is because they're much goofier and crazier than the average toon. Zany to
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Turtle Power (Raphael tf mc)
        Jeremy walked through downtown, bored out of his mind. He was looking around a part of town he rarely visited, full of shops and apartment buildings. Strangely enough, as he walked, he saw quite a few people in costumes, some of which seemed to be handing out flyers for a shop. He took one, and read about a costume shop having a sale on masks. He figured he might as well see what they have, and slowly made his way there. The place was about two stories tall, with an elevator and some stairs. Character and regular costumes and masks were downstairs, while most of the upstairs was used for custom orders. Doubting he actually had enough for a custom costume, Jeremy browsed the regular stuff for anything of interest. He mainly saw costumes of animals, anthro cartoon characters, and anything in between. As he browsed, he came across a mask that interested him, one of Raphael from tmnt. It was a full mask with Raphael's red ninja mask, and a scowling expression. J
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Big Dinner, Big Appetite (Pete tftg mc)
    Susan was driving through town, heading to a new restaurant that had opened up. It had been recommended to her by a friend, and supposedly had the biggest menu in town. She spotted the restaurant, with a large light up sign reading "BIG DEAN'S EATS", with a large turkey and a fork acting as a background for the words. A similar sign stood over the entrance of the large brickwork building. She quickly parked, and entered the restaurant. She waited for a table, and was led there by a rotund waiter who seemed to walk her through the entire restaurant. The waiter led her to a private booth, with sliding doors and panel walls blocking the view and sound of the other tables. Susan was surprised at getting what was the equivalent of a VIP table, and told the waiter there was a mistake.
    "No mistake Miss!" said the waiter in a voice that was a bit goofy. "We have a VIP membership reservation for a Miss Susan! Courtesy of the owner, a.k.a the guy who told me personall
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The Big Nice Wolf (Wuffle Wolf tfmc)
    Morgan had just arrived at the train station. He had been in the city visiting family, and was now on his way home. The train he was waiting for would take him directly home. As it came in, he walked aboard and showed the conductor his ticket, and went to the sleeper car to get settled in. Soon, the train started moving along, and Morgan tried to catch some z's. But after a few hours the train stopped at a station, and people were being told to get off. Apparently the tracks ahead of the train had snowed over, so they would either have to wait until they could fix it or find another means of transportation. Not wanting to get stuck in station overnight, Morgan asked around, and found a bus station was nearby. He then decided he would take the bus to the next town along his train's route, and hop back on there. 
    As he walked through the town, he got the sense he still hadn't left the city. There were closed shops, a snowed over park, even a taxi or two.
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Leader of the yokai Board (Mckracken tftg ...
    Nonie had just returned home after a long day out, and was very tired. She had spent all day prepping for a costume party the next day, and had everything but the mask. She was going as Mckracken from Yokai Watch, and got almost everything. She had a heavy coat, white shoes, a dome shaped hat, and special gloves with mouth designs on them. She just needed the mask she had ordered. But of course, she fell asleep and didn't wake up until noon. After going through her morning routine, she checked, and surely enough, the mask arrived. It was extremely detailed and made of rubber, with a wide smile, red and yellow eyes, and three tentacles forming a sort of beard, with five big ones on the back of his head and four on his forehead making up his hair. Sunny put it with the rest of the costume, and waited for the party.
    When the time came, Nonie went into the bathroom with her costume. She pulled the coat and boots on, which fit perfectly. She took the gloves and p
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The biggest hippo(Motomoto tftg mc)
    Susan had always been shy. She never tried to raise her voice, and always became embarrassed when attention was on her. She had been this way her whole life, into her adult life. She preferred to sit at home and talk to others over the internet, where she didn't have to worry about being quick with her response, so she could think it out and make sure she said exactly what she meant. 
    One day, while she was chatting online, a knock came at her door. She saw no one there through the peephole, and all she found when she opened the door was a huge box. The label was too smudged to make out where the box had come from, and she didn't see any deliverymen or anyone she could ask walking away. Susan brought it in, deciding that if the contents weren't for her, she could simply reseal it with packing tape, write return to sender on the side, and leave it for the mailman to pick back up. She took a box cutter and cut the tape, and looked inside.
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The Chubby Spiky Carrot (Puipui tftg mc)
    Jackie stepped off the bus, walking onto a bus station platform in a town in the middle of nowhere. The bus drove off, as the sun lowered to reveal a bright starry night. Jackie looked around, not seeing anyone. She had been on winter vacation on the other end of the country, and due to complications with an outdated passport, she couldn't fly home. So, she had to hitchhike from town to town with her duffel bag. She was somewhere in the Midwest, in a small rural town.
     After talking to the bus station attendant-whose cranky behavior brought to mind an old goat-Jackie knew two things: 1. The next bus wouldn't be in until noon tomorrow, and 2. The local traveler's inn was closed for repairs after a few pipes burst. Begrudgingly, Jackie walked into town, hoping she'd be lucky that there would be someone still awake and willing to let her sleep in their house.
    As she walked, Jackie saw that most of the town was already shut up, much to he
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Sorry for not responding as often in rps, I've been pretty busy recently. I'll try to focus.
     Judy entered the Zootopia Police Department building, heading past Clawhouser to her desk. It had been a couple of weeks since Nick had 'gone on vacation', as Chief Bogo had told people. Really, he had agreed to a form of deep undercover, where he was hypnotized and disguised as a ram to be used as an unknowing pawn against the city's criminal groups, relaying info to an regular undercover officer who used a few key phrases only Nick would know to have the brainwashing kick in. He would repeat everything he knew word for word, and would be told of an 'accident' that would make him unable to attend the next meeting of what ever group he joined, Coincidentally missing getting arrested like the other members of said group. Every now and then though, he would get arrested though, and Judy would hear him getting taken through the Zpd lobby shouting about rights and lack of evidence, even though he made no attempt to get away or even struggle. No one besides her would notice him get take into Bogo's office instead of processing and holding, or when his shouts suddenly cut off, marking when he would start relaying information that needed the Chief's personal attention. He would then be led back out, and wake up in the park across the street, thinking he dozed off in the middle of a walk. Judy sighed as she remembered all this, the only reason she even knew all this in the first place was because Bogo had to tell her because she and Nick were so close, and she would have known something was wrong. She agreed not to say anything since Nick agreed to do it (and even if he didn't, it would still put him in danger), and it did help clean up the streets. 
    As Judy sat down at her desk, she had barely begun to work when she was told to report to Chief Bogo's office. She quickly arrived at his door and entered. Bogo was alone, doing paperwork. "Officer Hopps. I trust you've been doing well with Wilde's...leave of absence?"
    " he okay? Has he gotten into any trouble or-"
    "Officer Wilde is doing perfectly fine. He remains a valuable asset and his handler comments that he has adjusted well to his new form physically and mentally. Now, as to why you're here-"
    "You want me to go into the program as well?" A brief look of surprise appeared on Bogo's face before going back to his ever stern expression. Just figured that if Nick had been recruited, than she might be as well. "I'll do it. I'll join it."
     "Miss Hopps, please don't leap into this. This is a very delicate decision, one you should think about-"
    "Chief Bogo, I can do this. I can help get rid of criminals, not to mention make sure Nick is okay. If I can do this, than I want to."
    Bogo sighed. "Fine. It's your decision." He pressed a button on his intercom. "Clawhouser, send those two gentlemen from earlier in." After a few moments, two large animals came in, and led Judy down to a van covered in graffiti decals. She was blindfolded and heard the door shut. 'No going back now,' she thought. 
     After going one of dozens of routes, Judy was led into the undercover program base, and soon, The Replacement Room. She was told to sit in the chair in the middle. After Judy did so, the metal clamps snapped closed and the screen turned on with vivid swirling colors as the lights went out. Judy stared at it, as a pair of headphones clapped on, and she heard a male voice, that wasn't that far from Nick's. "Now now, you better relax, Miss Hopps. This is just a part of the process. Just relax..." Judy did just that, her body loosening up as the voice continued. "Take a load off, that's right. Now, take your mind, every part of it, and put it in a locked storage cabinet. Now hide that cabinet somewhere your mind won't find it." Everything that made Judy Judy disappeared. The rabbit drooled a bit as the pretty swirly colors kept shifting. 
   "Now then, you are not a bunny, you are a boar. You are a predator. You are an omnivore." A pill was put her hand. "Take the pill to make this true." The rabbit swallowed it and felt her insides tingle a bit as her herbivore hunger was being overridden. "Good job. Now then, on to appearance." 
    The chair shifted so that the Rabbit was hanging over a pit that opened up, and raised a large suit up. It was a muscular, barrel chested suit with fingers that resembled parts of a hoof. It was twice the rabbit's size, which would make it hard to make her new self convincing. Luckily, the chamber knew how to fix this. A robotic arm with a syringe appeared, filled with a gooey blue liquid. It was injected into the rabbit's neck, and instantly began taking effect. The rabbit's muscles grew twice in size, the same being said about her body. Her arms and legs thickened to the size of trees, and she gained heavy, sausage sized fingers. But the worst was yet to come, as shockwaves were sent through her as she very quickly turned into a well endowed he. "Sorry, carrot ears"', the voice said, "but we were out of female suits, and we've been itching to try this new serum. It is temporary of course, we have a reversal serum on hand. But for now, enjoy your new build." The rabbit was barely over the shock when the suit was pulled over him, and clothes were put on. Baggy pants, a shirt, and, strangely, a tactical vest. 
    The headphones were momentarily removed as a mask was shoved onto the rabbit's head. His ears were folded down, and a special voice changer gave him a booming, dumb muscle sounding voice. The fur was the same dirty brown as the rest of the suit, and covered a huge flat snout with a special powder inside that made the rabbit breath like a pig, and never ran out. His ears were now regular length, and pointed. Contact lenses were placed in his eyes that made them beady and dumb looking. The rabbit's mouth had grown larger, and changes were made there as well. Two large tusks were stuck inside, much to the host's discomfort. A longer, more leathery fake tongue was placed over his own to fit his longer muzzle. (While it did work like the real thing, it did give everything he ate a bit of a latex-y aftertaste.) The mask fused to the suit, and to the host, making him a boar.
    "Good work, Barnaby. By the way, that's your name, Barnaby Tuskton. Cliche, I know, but somehow no one seems to suspect names like that when we use them."
The boar nodded. The voice reminded him of his whole life, from being the neighborhood bruiser to failing to join the Zpd's TUSK crew, and joining an old friend for freelance jobs. He wasn't that bright, as in no brightness at all. Judy Hopps was just some dumb bun- some stupid officer, part of the group that rejected him for 'having too much of a hot temper', even though it was freezing Winter when he tried out. Now he just did jobs whenever they paid. 
    And just for irony, 'Barnaby' hated carrots. 
    Barnaby kept staring at the pretty pretty colors, multiple images and words flashing by into his subconscious. While the former officer inside him would probably be more than upset at what she had to become, she definitely wouldn't be upset with where she'd end up...
    Ryan belched as he downed another grass and berry soda, lazing about the apartment, watching television. He surprisingly enough had nothing to do that day, with no criminal groups hiring and his roommate Bartholomew ran off on some stupid errand. He was practically ecstatic when something happened and a knock came at his door. Outside was a large boar about a third taller than him, with a tactical vest and a strange watch. He pushed Ryan into the apartment and shut the door, much to his annoyance.
    "Hey, tusks-for-brains! What's the bleating idea? Get the heck out of here before I-" A bright flash blinded him as the boar showed him the screen of his digital watch, which had a hypnoswirl. The words "carrot top" were said, and Ryan defaulted to the trance mode all deep undercover officers had. The boar stared at the sheep formerly known as Nick Wilde, and listened to the watch modify his hypnosis. "This is Barnaby Tuskton, your childhood friend and partner. You two have always been together, and have a strong, trusting relationship. You often take jobs together,  and usually avoid getting arrested if it goes sour. He is currently your third roommate. Now wake up."
    Ryan did so, and smiled when he saw Barnaby. "Barney! Back from your job already, tusks-for-brains?" Ryan said jokingly this time. Barnaby nodded. "Turns out it wasn't as fun as I thought. Apparently the museum stuff say don't touch for a reason."T hey both laughed, and Ryan hugged the boar, and the two got to talking about good times.
    Bartholomew the black sheep was monitoring the meeting between Hopps and Wilde, making sure the mental adjustments went well, when he felt a presence behind him. It was the benefactor of the program himself, a magnanimous deer who little to nothing was known about. "Bartholomew. I trust the pair are adjusting well?"
    Bartholomew nodded. "Yessir, Hopps and Wildes have been successfully paired up together. The memory mesh went smoothly, and they are now ready to infiltrate groups together."
    "Perfect. Now, I believe you have something you wanted to say about an idea of yours?" 
    The sheep pulled out some files. "Yessir. While our operations have an incredibly high success rate, I believe we could do just a bit more with those brought in." Bartholomew pressed a button, and the screen shifted from the apartment to the Replacement Room, with mugshots all around it. "They might be helpful after a bit of 'rehabilitation', so to speak."
    The deer examined the mugshots and listened to Bartholomew's idea. "Hmm. Turning hardened criminals into upstanding citizens, or, even better, officers of the law? Could be dangerous...but we do need the manpower. I'll allow a trial run. Obviously anyone crazy or highly dangerous is out, so use..." He stopped at a picture of a weasel brought in for pirating movies. "This one." He handed the file to Bartholomew. "Just remember that this is a trial, so don't go overboard." Bartholomew nodded, and as the deer left, opened up a coding program for the room. 
    "Here we go..." He said, typing away.
    Nick entered the ZPD building, in a surprisingly decent mood. It had been almost a year since the Nighthowler incident, and he had since become one of the ZPD's most capable officers, along with his partner Judy Hopps. He walked through the lobby and up to the front desk, where Clawhouser was watching the latest Gazelle music video, and took off his sunglasses. "Morning Clawhouser," he said, "I'm guessing Judy and I are on patrol again?"
    Clawhouser paused the video. "Actually, Chief Bogo wanted to see you about a special solo assignment", Clawhouser said. "He's in his office."
    Surprised, Nick ascended the stairs to the offices, and slowly approached Bogo's door. He knocked, and heard a gruff, "come in."  Nick opened the door and saw Bogo at his desk, reading through his papers. But he wasn't the only person there. Sitting in one of the chairs facing his desk was a sheep with black wool, and a zpd uniform. "Ah, I'm glad you finally arrived, Officer Wilde", Bogo said nonchalantly. "I have someone who wants to meet you." Nick slowly sat down, trying to figure who the sheep was. His answer came from Bogo. "This is Officer Bartholomew, one of our best cops. Now I know what you're thinking, Wilde, but Bartholomew has been with us long before Bellweather had even been hired."
    "Yes," the sheep began, almost startling Nick. "I had been on assignment during the Nighthowler incident, and took no part in it. Besides the obvious, 'black sheep of the family' cliché, rest assured that I'm on your side, and I have a...special assignment you'd be interested in." He smacked a file onto the table between the chairs, and Nick took a look inside. Inside were many strange things, including drawings of what looked like a room with nothing but a dentist chair and a screen facing it, some sort of lab test result talking about a wolf being turned into a gorilla, and a sketch of said test, with a wolf in a private security uniform on the left, and a gorilla in a punk outfit on the right. Seeing Nick extremely confused, Bartholomew let out a small grin. "Let me explain. You see, I am in charge of the Zpd's more...sensitive cases, most of which include long term undercover operations. For some of these, we use a special method: hypnotizing undercover agents into believing they're completely different people."
    Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing. Undercover? Hypnosis? How was all this possible? And more importantly, why was he the one being told all this? 
    As if sensing his questions, the sheep continued." We use a special chamber designed for this program called the replacement room, since it 'replaces' you with someone else. It suits you up, uses a special screen to hypnotize you, and handles all the other details. And I want you to become an operative, Officer Wilde." Nick's eyes probably couldn't get any wider. "Don't worry, the decision is entirely your's, and you will be fully paid 2x your usual yearly sum upon extraction."
     Nick was hesitant. This sheep just wanted him to give up everything? "Uh, Chief, I'm not sure about this, I mean, what about-"
    "Officer Hopps has just been informed," Bogo bluntly replied. "While amazed at the circumstances, she says it's your decision, and she'll be fine by herself. Besides, to the public, you will simply be on a much needed extended vacation." Bogo showed Nick the message, signed with Judy's signature. It was official alright, and Nick supposed it would be helping the city. And there would be a lot of money...
    "Fine, I'll do it."
   Officer Bartholomew clapped his hands together. "Excellent! Unfortunately, the location of our base must remain secret, even from our own operatives, in case any of them become compromised. So, once we exit the building, put this blindfold on." The sheep handed him a blindfold, and gestured for Nick to follow. He said a small goodbye to the chief before being led to the building parking garage to a van...a van covered in graffiti decals, the largest being a green and purple "MIND BLOWERS" done across the sides. As he opened the door, Bartholomew explained it. "Would you honestly expect this scrap heap to be part of an massive undercover operation?" Nick shook his head before putting the blindfold on. 
   The drive was long and winding, and Nick didn't see anything. At certain points, he could find out where the van was, such as hearing rain or feeling the temperature drop rapidly. After what felt like an hour, the van stopped, and the door opened. Nick went to take the blindfold off until a hoof like hand grabbed his arm. "Keep it on. Not until I say so." Nick mentally sighed at all the secrecy, before taking Bartholomew's hand and following him into a building. He could feel metal beneath his feet, and the whirring of a number of doors. Soon Bartholomew's hand disappeared, and he was pushed into a room with a door whirring closed behind him. An intercom turned on.
    "Take it off," Bartholomew said.
    Nick got to his feet and removed the blindfold. He was in the room from the photo, only it somehow seemed even more clean and sterile. The walls were a solid titanium white, with no markings or cracks at all. (Nick couldn't even find the way he came in.) In the middle was the dentist chair, facing a large television screen. Remove your uniform down to your under garments and sit it. The Replacement Room will do the rest." Nick did what he was asked and soon approached the chair and tried making a joke to break the tension. "So how's this gonna work? Is a pocketwatch gonna come down from the ceiling and tell me I'm getting sleepy?" As Nick sat in the chair though, metal clamps popped out and snapped over his arms, legs, and neck. He instinctively struggled before the screen ahead of him turned on, displaying a large colorful spinning swirl. Nick couldn't help but watch as a pair of headphones were placed on him by a metal arm. 
    "Relax," a soothing voice said. "You are in no danger. This is just a part of the process." Nick slumped down in his seat, taking in every word. Every worry he had melted away. It was just so soothing... 
    "Officer Nick Wilde of the ZPD, please take your mind, your personality, your memories, and your interests, mold all of it together, and put it in a mental safe. The safe will lock and be hidden away, and will only open when a special combination of words is said by one of a few certain people. Do you understand?" 
    Nick slumped further down as he did what was asked by the pretty souding lady and made himself a blank slate. " away..."
    "Good. Now just relax. You will be a new animal soon..." The swirl changed color, and words started flashing beneath the colors. Nick, or the fox, as his name was locked away, could barely even see them before they disappeared and reappeared elsewhere on the screen. They stuck in the fox' s head, as the voice started up again as a small pill appeared in front of him. "Take the pill," the voice said, and he swallowed it down. "Good. When you awake, your body will have adjusted to become omnivorous. But for now, focus on the screen." The fox did so as the chair started to moved. It tilted forward and rose, with arms turning to the sides a bit, raising the fox' s arms. The fox just focused on the screen, his own eyes swirling.
    "Your name is Ryan Woolstein. You are a ram, an herbivore and prey. You live in a zootopia apartment with your roommate. "
    The words stuck in the fox' s head as a space opened up in the floor in front of the chair. 
    "You have been in the underbelly of the city for as long as you have lived, and have become quite street savvy,  and quite the bruiser."
    The fox nodded as two metal arms rose from the pit, carrying a large ram costume. It was somewhat fat with many layers of wool. The hands and feet had hooves for fingers and toes, and a small cotton ball tail. Before it rose over the fox, a vacuum pack was placed over his tail, sucked all the air out making it like a rat tail, and getting rolled up and stuck right above his butt. The suit rose over him, the cuffs unlocking so he just fell in. The fox flexed his fingers, and adjusted the suit. It fit him perfectly, and gave him a massive gut. The voice continued. "You're a large ram, and proud of it. You might sometimes say that it's mostly wool, but you're proud of your big gut either way." The fox rubbed his belly happily. "Mmm...big gut..."
    The space below the chair disappeared as the fox sat back down and was recuffed. He just stared happily at the screen, as a space above his head appeared. A mask of a ram appeared, with two large horns and a large cocky grin. The headphones were removed for a second, as the mask came down and became skin tight. It acted as a second skin, following the fox' s every movement. Two contacts were placed in his eyes, making them appear to be that of a sheep or ram. A paperthin collar was placed inside the neck of the suit, giving the fox a more rough and tough voice, with a minor sheep accent. As soon as it was perfectly adjusted, the mask fused with the suit, leaving the fox stuck inside. The headphones were placed back on him. "You are a ram. You are a thug. You are a criminal. You are a ram..."the fox, now ram, repeated the words over and over, before the headphones finished up his personal history and code phrases that would cause him to do certain things. "Now Ryan, you will fall asleep and awaken in your small apartment Downtown. You will forget all of this. Ready? 1,2,3, and sleep..."
    The fox closed his eyes...

    Ryan  woolstein woke up in his same old dingy bed room with a mix of a yawn and a bleat. He scratched his butt before getting up, getting dressed (some cargo shorts, a "Herd-attack" band t shirt, and an XXL red hoodie), and stomping into the main room. His roommate was making breakfast, some fruit salad with grass on the side. Ryan thanked him before sitting down and watching the news. 
    After some 'inspiring story' involving farming, an ad came on about joining the Zpd. The fact it existed was enough to get Ryan to grab his sides in bleating laughter. "Hey, Theo, look at these idiots! Thinking people actually wanna join the stinking ZPD! HA! What a stupid bunch of bozos."
    His roommate washed the dishes from breakfast. "Oh I don't know, the work they do is important, Ryan. Besides they're better than whatever group you were with last night."
    Ryan sneered. "Hey, my guys ain't corrupt! So shut up and mind your own business. Besides, all we do is take things we want. Whatever the word for it is. "
    "If you insist. But just so you know...." the black sheep looked at the back of his roommate's head. "It's called a hustle, sweetheart."
    Ryan suddenly started twitching violently and grunting before slumping forward with his tongue hanging put and his eyes glazed over. Bartholomew approached him with a tape recorder. "Ryan, I want you to repeat every said at your friends' meeting last night word for word, okay?" The sheep nodded blankly as he monotonously repeated everything he heard about what crimes they were going to do soon. Bartholomew recorded it all and put it in an envelope, planning to put it in a special drop location for Intel. He turned back to Ryan. "Thank you Ryan. Now, tonight after dinner, you're going to 'trip' going down the stairs taking the trash out. You'll believe you hurt something and be bedridden the day after. You will forget all about your meeting. Understand?" The ram nodded. "Good. Now snap out of it, and continue watching tv." As soon as he finished, Ryan woke up and continued watching tv. Bartholomew left for the drop point. It had been a few weeks since Nick had gone undercover, and things were going well. He had already been of great use taking down criminals. Bartholomew acted as his handler, making sure he stays out of any real danger. His official job was as a courier, while his ZPD paychecks were sent to a private bank account. Although as it turns out...'Ryan' was a bit too rowdy for a roommmate. At least for Bartholomew. Yelling all the time, never cleaning up after himself, extremely lazy...
    "Only for a year..." Bartholomew thought.
     In a room in the same building as the Replacement Room, a deer watched screens showing the inside of the apartment Ryan and Bartholomew were living in. Wilde adjusted well to his new life, and things were working well. However, the deer believed he could do more with a partner, and went to a filing cabinet, filled with files on all Zpd officers. He pulled out one for a certain rabbit, and began reading.
Zpdu: From Fur to Wool (Nick Wilde to Ram mc wg)
    An idea I had.
    Nick Wilde gets invited to a special undercover program. But how much will he have to change to do so?
    I might do a regular fanfic with the undercover concept.
Would anyone like to read through my Zootopia undercover stories and give me some feedback?
Guess who got dragged to a ziplining course...and is currently sending this from the top of a ziplining tower...
Okay, so here are all my ideas so far:
1. Manjimutt from Youkai watch getting thrown in prison and slowly shifting into his prison counterpart, Mass Mutterer. (Mc)
2. Nate from Youkai watch gets thrown in prison as well as Manjimutt's accomplish, and becomes an oc called Kid Canine Napper. (Mc)
3. Nick Wilde gets picked for a special undercover program, and gets brainwashed and suited into a ram thug unknowingly gathering info for the Zpd.
4. Judy soon follows, undergoing the same process into a male wolverine (or boar, can't decide which), and joins 'Nick' in his new life.
5. A bratty kid gets grounded, and in his room he gets turned into Max Goof. (Trigger: music or cartoons)
6. In Roaring Junction, a human applies for a job as a 'guard dog', not knowing the term is literal in this town...(feral, mc, trigger: doghouse collar and bone)
7. A guy finds a jacket and sword, puts them on, and becomes Don Karnage. (Mc)
8. (Based of a scene in a ton and Jerry comic) Tom finds a dog suit in the attic, and Ike decides he could use a new buddy. (Mc mg)
9. A guy gets a suit of Doraemon at the costume shop, and gets a box of (hypnotic) yummy buns as well.
10. A guy finds a biker jacket and becomes Gregg from A night in the woods. (Mc, goo)
11. (Not a tf story, a wg story) Gregg from Antw finds a 50xl jacket and tries it on.
12. A guy tries some space ramen, and turns into Meow from Space Dandy. (Mc)
So those are my ideas, tell me if any of them interest you.


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